Just picked up a new 14-24mm lens for my Nikon Z7 and it is a major improvement over the old 20mm I had been using the last few years.

I’d love to hear your feedback so please post a comment whether you like the images or not.

Published by coastlander

A budding photographer who enjoys capturing nature at its best and especially the beauty of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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    1. Thank you Caroline, I hope I get a chance to get out there again soon. They are calling for a deluge of rain tomorrow so I may not get another chance till the weekend when the tourists are running around.


  1. Lovely! Keep it up! Love these. Did you ever get a tracking system? Have you tried stacking yet?


    1. Hi Corrie Ann, I actually have the star guider pro as well as the Move Shoot Move trackers but I only use the Move Shoot Move tracker due to its ease of use. I do stack my milkyway shots and am still learning everyday. Sadly I don’t use this website as much as I should, I plan to re-vamp it and get back to posting online as soon as I can.


      1. That’s awesome! I’m trying to get my deep sky imaging up and running. I did a lot of planetary work these last 2 years avoiding my big camera. I need to come out this summer and get more Milky Way!


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